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Libec 50m Control Cable

A LANC-compatible control cable for remote operation of mounted video heads. 50 m length.View more

Libec SWIFT JIB50 Extendable Jib Kit

The standard SWIFT JIB50 kit comes with carrying cases for each included item: jib arm, tripod and dolly. All black colour, including tripod and dolly. Please note that the illustrated balance weight is not included.View more

Libec SWIFT JIB50 Extendable Jib

The Libec SWIFT JIB50 Extendable Jib comes with a padded carrying case and adjusting weight. Extendable from 100 cm to 190 cm in reach.View more

Libec REMO30 Remote Head

The Libec REM030 Remote Head enables remote pan and tilt control of a mounted video recording unit. Comes supplied with a selection of data cables, including HDMI and LANC.View more

Libec Jib Weight Kit

The Libec Jib Weight kit consists of 2 sets of weights (2.5 kg and 5 kg) for use when balancing jibs, each with their own carry case.View more