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Why best camera price uses cookies?

Best camera price is a price comparison site that offers a free service to its users and gains its income from charging a fee to marketing companies (known as Networks, which are employed by the Merchants) when a user completes a purchase after having used best camera price.

In order for this to work, Best camera price uses cookies to track if a user goes on to make a purchase. Without cookies, this site could not function.

A cookie is a small amount of data sent from us to your web browser. Each time you visit Best camera price your browser sends us back this text. To find out more about cookies, please visit

Cookies set by Best camera price

Our cookies contain no personally identifiable information.

Cookies set by Networks

If, after viewing one of our price comparisons, you choose to visit a merchant (by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button) a cookie belonging to the Network employed by the Merchant (or directly by the Merchant in the case of Amazon) will be sent to your browser. These are often referred to as ‘3rd party cookies’ and ‘tracking cookies’.

This is a list of these tracking cookies. You will only have one of these cookies sent to your browser which depends on which Merchant you are visiting.

Tracking Cookies

Network Name Further Details
Digital Window (covering Affiliate Window and Privacy and Cookie Policy
Amazon Privacy Notice
Commission Junction Privacy Policy
Tradedoubler Privacy Policy
Webgains Cookie Policy

How to remove cookies from Best camera price

You can remove all Best camera price cookies by deleting all cookies set from the Best camera domain in your browsers settings. If you need instructions on how to delete cookies for your browser, please visit here.

Need more information?

If you have any further questions or need to know more about how Best camera price uses cookies, please email us using the contact form.